Packsharing During Covid 19

Everyone’s talking about it – whether you’re sick, self-isolating as a precaution or just practising social distancing, the chances are you’re feeling the impact of the Coronavirus Covid 19.

So where does Packshare fit in?

Firstly, you’re probably going to get more stuff delivered than usual over the next few weeks and months. We’re lucky to have the infrastructure around us for this, so if you’re stuck at home just hold on to any packaging that can be reused and when you’re able to get out again you can pop it round to local businesses who can reuse it.

Secondly, we’re advising businesses to add a drop off place where people can leave packaging for them without needing to do it face to face. Small businesses are likely to struggle over the coming weeks and months, whether it’s from staff sickness or disrupted supply, so it’s more important than ever to do what we can to support them. Packsharing is a great way to do this, saving them money on packaging whilst reducing the environmental impact of our shopping.

You may well be asking yourself whether your packaging is infected, which is a major concern whether you’re receiving a delivery, mailing out goods or Packsharing your used packaging.

Research is being done into how long the virus can live on surfaces outside the body, we read this article on which suggests the virus can live for about 24 hours on cardboard and up to 3 days on plastic.

The best advice is still to wash your hands after handling packaging (and at all other times), but this is a useful bit of info if you’re concerned about passing the virus on. If you’ve constructed an elaborate cardboard box fort to pass your self-isolation, maybe wait a day or so before Packsharing!

Need the materials to build a cardboard box fort? Why not head over to and sign up to receive packaging.

Happy Packsharing!